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A Special Message from Sister Louise Ann

Dear Supporters of Bethany,

As I write this letter as part of Mercy House Living Centers, I am surrounded by over 200 courageous women who have been part of my life at Bethany.  The Sisters of St. Joseph started Bethany in 1997 with a desire to assist and walk with women in transition.  We had the wonderful help of an excellent board, staff and volunteers to accomplish the 150 individual graduations that took place over 16 years.

Throughout the years we always wanted to serve more women.  However, the lack of space and limited rooms kept us from expanding.  We concentrated on quality of service giving each resident the time and space she needed to achieve her goals.

Through conversations with the Sisters of St. Joseph Leadership Team and Bethany Board of Directors we recognized the value of partnering with another program to expand our services.  This partner would share our core values of Dignity, Hospitality, Community and Empowerment.  We approached Mercy House Living Center in March 2012 to explore the opportunities of Bethany donating its assets, staff and program to form Bethany House – a transitional women’s shelter within the Mercy House structure.

Today Bethany House will still operate from the Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Joseph until we can find housing for 10-15 women.  Upon entering the partnership on July 1, 2013 this is our number one goal – find housing so the program can continue to flourish in serving more women.

As we search for this new location, please know that services for our residents will continue uninterrupted.  Our clients will continue to receive the counseling and coaching for their goals to be accomplished.  Our Tuesday night presentations will continue as will our Fashion Show fundraiser.  Our hope is that as Bethany becomes “Bethany House” your volunteer support and financial contributions will also continue.

Thank you for helping Bethany to grow in these 16 years and for seeing her take on these new and exciting steps for the future.


Sr. Louise Ann Micek, CSJ

PS  We hope your belief that our program makes a difference in women’s lives will continue as we partner with Mercy House.  To continue your support of Bethany, checks can be made out to MERCY HOUSE, with the words Bethany House on the memo line, and mailed to:

PO Box 1905
Santa Ana, CA 92702

To make a secure donation online to the Bethany House program, click here.

To learn more about Mercy House visit the website at www.mercyhouse.net and stay up-to-date on the Bethany House Program.






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